Crescent Moon was a concept created on August 19th, 2000 by our
group director Chrionna E. ni Graham.
Her endeavor is to create an atmosphere where
Pagans/Wiccans of Montgomery County area in Maryland and the
 DC metro area will have a placeto meet others like themselves, to discuss the
knowledge  that they have and educate themselves,as well as to educate
 the community-at-large of the diversity within our own county.
Crescent Moon Coffee Klatch, the discussion group, meets once a month
on a Saturday at 4pm and runs till  7pm.
Currently the group is meeting at Chrionna's residence untit another
site may be acquired when our numbers indicate such a need.
All that you are asked to bring is an open mind and heart. We are
 not meeting to bash/flame any other faith/group, nor each other, so all
opinions will be valid.  We are meeting to enlighten and network.  I do ask
 that if you are the snacky type, such as I am,to please bring something
that you can share with the group to eat. We ask that
 no alcoholic beverages be brought to the group.
- We also do a regular collection of canned goods, clothing,
books, and school supplies for the homeless for Crescent Moon Service Corps.
 Once again, all are welcome to attend; if you are under the age of 18,
 a letter of consent must be forwarded prior to your attendance with a
phone number to contact the parents/guardian to verify their permission. Children
may attend if accompanied by their parent.
In their archives section, the local Gazette for Montgomery County
 did an article on the discussion group, and Paganism in general.  I think
if anything it shows personality . Below is the link to the article at  the Gazette.
    Wicca(n)s find a way...
If you have need of further information regarding the  next meeting date or directions,
 please email Chrionna at ChrionnaPaistin@yahoo.com with Crescent Moonin the subject line.
            May the path you walk be lighter when joined with the friends
      you meet along the way.   ~ Bright Blessings!
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