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Wiccan and Pagan Links

This links page will give you a series of links to Pagan/Wiccan organizations, chant pages, and publications and some local MD groups. It is a good way to know who/what is in your area for networking and knowledge.
  • Organizations
  • Wiccan Chants/Songs
  • Publications
  • Local Groups in MD

    Major Organizations:
    Crescent Moon Coffee Klatch
    Silver Spring Discussion Group

    Wiccan Chant/Song Pages:
    Willow Firesong


    Local Groups:

     Earthkat &Moonwolf's Goddess Webpage Resource  Hosts acalendar page and web links for active pagan groups inthe DC, MD & VA area. Contains informational texts onPaganism, Wicca and meditation.   Reviews books, tarotdecks and runes.


       The Magpies- Pagan Discussion Group
    The Magpies are a pagan discussion group based in Baltimore, MD, meeting every other Sunday.  Email Maeve or join our online list at MagickalMagpies (non-MD pagans are welcome, too) to get in the loop. We hope to talk to you soon! --Maeve and Ash       Contact: Maeve--


    If you have comments, suggestions,
    or would like to be included on this links page,
    please email me at

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